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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Garden Goodness.


 Dress: H&M // Sandals: A past life probably because they're so old
We've got a little garden in the back yard of the house I'm renting, Not really sure how that happened because when I moved in it didn't look like this.. and I don't know how it got there..
which means perhaps I should go out back more often.
10 minutes after I took these pictures, my friends and I hiked the Y.
I've been here since August 2011.
My decision to do so at 2:30 PM in 100 degree heat could have been a little more thought out,
but it was fun, nonetheless.
Painful and hot, but it felt good seeing the Y ten feet away, then standing on the painted concrete.
All this time here, and I finally made things happen.
It made me think about how that translates on a broader scale -
all this time growing up, all of these experiences, and throughout it all marriage seemed like a dream..
I knew it would happen one day, but it never seemed real.
But it's happening, and it's real..
and I've made a decision regarding the process.
I'm not going to let the idea that the engagement period has to suck, happen.
I'm engaged! I get to marry DALLON! This is awesome, not stressful!
K see ya.

Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm finally connected with Bloglovin'
so that's pretty cool.
Follow if you please, friends.
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K see ya.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What ELSA-m I To Do?

I was asked by Chloe of EscapePhotography to join her Disney Princess themed shoot.
No thanks, I don't want to get my hair and makeup done and dress up like Elsa from Frozen. That sounds horrible.
See if you can guess which princesses we were dressed up as. Winner gets a dog.
(How I wish that were true. Dogs are the number one missed thing while living in college housing. Number two is being naked whenever I want, but we won't talk about that here. Whoops.)
Thanks to Chloe for remembering my ice queen soul and asking me to be in the shoot.
*throwing ice in your general direction or whatever Elsa does*
K see ya.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Prison Issue



 Shoes: Prison Issue Vans // Dress: Billabong // Top: My roommate's closet (which is also my closet) ((whoops))
I purchased these gems my senior year of high school with my best friend at the time, Brixton. The plan was to get matching Velcro shoes, but I'm not sure he ever followed through on that. Regardless, I fell in love.
And with each year I grow older, I find even more pleasure strapping these bad boys on. I wear 'em with my plethora of guy's shirts I can't seem to ditch (not sure I want to.. why is men's clothing 12X more comfortable?) or in an effort to dress down a dress like the bangin' Billabong one above.
Another part that may be utterly disgusting but in my eyes, adds to the glory - I wash them very rarely. And by very rarely, I can't remember the last time I did. Somehow, I think all of that frozen yogurt caked in the waffle soles from my time working at Yodigity.. or maybe the scuffs on the sides from sparklers and leftover fireworks.. perhaps the ripped layer by the start of my toes..
makes them mine. Makes them lived in, and ultimately, loved.
Long live the Prison Issue Vans.
Long live the adventures I had in them.
K see ya.

Monday, July 14, 2014


The happiness grows each time I wake up,
or every time I look at him,
or whenever we see a little family walking nearby.
We're beyond excited to become our own little, strange family.
With our own peculiar ways.
Dallon is my best friend. And in every. single. situation.
He turns to God.
And that is the most important thing to me.
Also, it doesn't hurt that he's extremely attractive and makes me laugh daily.
we're college students and we're in love. Because of this, our wedding/reception(s) won't be the most elaborate.. But I've dreamt of this day for many moons.
So you can bet on two things I've always wanted. Well, three.
1. There will be a dance floor.
2. There will be mashed potatoes.
3. You, there, having the time of your life - partaking of both of the above.
I'm so excited to marry Dallon.
I'm looking forward to celebrating our love and our future, and everything in between.
More details on when and where to be to celebrate with us to come - plan for early November -
but mostly, I want to thank you in advance for being happy for me.
The support I've received from friends has helped me a ton already.
(p.s. the photo in this post was taken by Danielle Woodall, check out her photography ASAP!)