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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cycle Saturday (jk Tuesday)

Cycle Zone
Tuesday, 9:00 A.M., Forgothernameinstructorladysorry

This morning I woke up with Dallon's alarm, which went off at 7:30
which gave me an hour and a half to dread that dang cycle class I was supposed to take this morning.
Something about cycle classes just make me anxious..
the last one I went to the lady next to me was convinced the way I had my seat was wrong, but really I just don't know how to adjust the knobs so it probably was wrong, but she was ticked off I didn't change it.. but like I said I didn't really know how to so that was just a really good situation all together

Anyway, I left at the last possible minute, arrived just in time and took the bike literally right by the door. I think the people passing got a real good view of my butt - that's where my bike was situated.

Again, I didn't adjust my bike because I didn't know how to and everyone was doing their no-talk-cycle-intently-I'm-a-pro-cyclist-warm-up so I thought I better start doing my attempt at that too.

Class started and I started looking around the room searching for someone I could try to keep up with, because I'm weird and that's how my brain works and motivates me.
There was a super skinny girl going a thousand miles an hour but you could tell her resistance was high because she was hardcore, you know? Well I don't know but I chose her okay

The instructor was way good to be honest. Not intimidating at all, had good songs, led us through some awesome visuals and made it seem like class was over in a snap.

You're gonna want to bring a water bottle, and I brought a small towel along because I half thought it would come in handy, half thought it'd make me look intense. #truth

I felt great afterward. Like I got some real good cardio in, which I was scared I was missing for a while.

 After class, I was craving some muscle work, so I decided to join the Pilates class downstairs with the same instructor as last week. She did better this time, except for in the middle of the work out she started talking about her sister for five minutes, and we kind of just wanted to know what to do next. By the end of it my muscles were burning all over from the pulsing and stretching, so mission accomplished.

I found my Tuesday niche. Cardio in Cycle and muscle work in Pilates. Boom, feels good.
But I'll still be testing out other classes until I find a solid schedule that blows me away.
I believe in you Provo Rec Center! I belieeeeve.

-Really good cardio, you can choose how intense you make it, but regardless you burn calories if you keep spinning.
The bikes are pretty high tech. It took me a minute to figure out how to increase/decrease resistance, but after I figured it out I appreciated it more.
-You can see how many calories you're burning/your heart rate/time you've spent, all on the bike. Pretty cool.
-The instructor is good and not intimidating at all.
-There's a wide mix in the class, but you can tell everyone is there for a reason. It felt good.

-I still don't know how to fix my bike. I'll ask next time but I bet my workout could've been better had I fixed it then.
-I wish I had increased resistance at some points, but I didn't. That also would've left me with a better work out.

I'll be going again. Although there's a different instructor for the same time on Thursday, so there may be another review coming your way for that one.

K see ya.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Art of Getting Out of It.

It's an acquired skill, really. I think I've mentioned it one or two times here on the blog subtly - but haven't expanded on it in fear that someone would read this and I would, therefore, not be able to do it anymore.
I think I caught onto it in elementary school. There are five kids in my family, so you can imagine how mornings went in our house. We were late to school or nearly late to school daily. My mom would be about to drop us off when she'd tell us to blame the lateness on her or this or that.
My mom was kind of the queen of scapegoats, and it really helped me get out of a lot of trouble in school. Which was awesome, and I don't think any less of her for it because she saved my backside more times than you can count. Let's not even begin to talk about the number of absences I had in high school. Even though 90 percent of them were real, the other 10 percent she had my back.
I got to college and realized I couldn't use my mom as an excuse any more. But I was so used to making excuses for simple things, that the excuses started coming without much effort.
I got out of the trouble that stems from being late or missing class.
I got out of dates I didn't want to be on.
I got out of parties the introvert in me didn't want to go to.
I got out of going to the gym.
I got out of simple things here and there.
And I knew it made me dishonest, but it was so easy to believe in my own excuses that I slowly forgot that it wasn't okay to do.
When people say they have problems dating because they have trouble with commitment, I never felt like I could relate.
But then I realized I had trouble with commitment in general.
And I was dishonest.
And I was flaky.
And I think this is why I'm realizing that marriage is going to be the thing that encourages me to change the most.
I made a covenant to God and to Dallon for forever.
(Side note: Obviously if he's abusive or creepy crap like that pops up there is a way out.)
But other than that, there is no excuse that I could make up that would be deemed ok.
 I haven't wanted out, but I'm sure there will be some time in our forever together that I'll be frustrated, and I'll want to make an excuse - but I'm changing that habit by working through it with Dallon instead of dodging it all.
Even the super simple things we work through - we have to do it together. We have to own up to our idiosyncrasies and faults, messiness and forgetfulness. We have to forgive and help raise up.
And we have to make sure we stay as powerful as we can together, and do all that we can that is right.
Excuses can't be a part of my life anymore. I'm working on it. They've been a major player throughout, but I can't make them anymore. I have to be honest in school, in work, in church, with family, with it all.
And I'm writing it here to keep myself accountable.
K see ya.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Quest Continues.

Holy cow this week was a full one.
Midterms, work stuff, school in general, all that jazz.
And I kept going to fitness classes at the rec center despite feeling like my body was going to crumble away and drift off into the wind.
I may be a bit dramatic but whatever.
Class 3
Wednesday, RIP again, 8:00 A.M. with Erin.
"Today is going to be our weight circuit day," the instructor said as I walked in.
She also said, "Oh, you're back!" to which I responded
"Yes and I feel like death but I'm here so that's good."
Not sure that was a good thing to say but whatever.
The weight circuit made me want to cut off my arms by the end of it but I was so glad I had an instructor leading me through the routine. I keep thinking during this RIP gig that I'd never be as efficient as this fitness class makes me, which is a good thing.
The only downside is I realized that the cardio HIIT we do between each weight set is exactly the same. I hoped it would change for the next class on Friday.
-Variety in the weight routines. Hallelujah.
-The instructor remembered me. Teehee.
- I always leave sweating and sore. It feels good for hours afterward.
- Same tabata (HIIT) exercises. I'd love it if she switched it up, even if it was every other class. The same cardio over and over again is why I felt unmotivated at Gold's.
- Some girl set up her station directly in front of mine so I couldn't see the instructor until I moved my station, but that didn't happen for twelve minutes because I'm too stubborn for my own good. So I guess that's my own fault. Ok, yeah, it was.
Class 4
Thursday, KICKBOXING, 9:00 A.M. with Amy
Yes, this is the same instructor from pilates, and yes, she asked us how we were doing about six times yet again throughout the class.
But, it was much more cardio than pilates was and I liked that. She tried to get us to yell on the last move of a series a lot, but I can't say I've ever been into that kind of fitness class vibe. Unless I'm working so hard a grunt or scream forces itself out of me, you won't hear me cheerin'.
My arms were a bit sore the next day, and I liked some of the punches and kicks she had us do. I wouldn't mind going back, but I'm still in search of something to fill my Tuesdays and Thursdays with that compares to RIP.
-You don't feel like you're getting a good work out until about half way through the class, which makes you nervous. But then, you realize everything burns and you're sweating all of a sudden.
- You can choose to punch out whatever stress you're dealing with, and it comes out in the form of sweat. Pretty awesome, weird, fast-paced meditation. Weird but good.
- You can hype yourself up pretty easily, because hello, you're punching and kicking and upper-cutting and hi-ya death and stuff.
-The halfway through class thing I mentioned above kind of worries me, too. I wish I felt it right after the warm up, not twenty minutes later. That would make for a better workout.
- If you don't have balance, some of the kicks are kind of hard. Take it from me.
- I kind of feel like the instructor is there to get her own work out in.. which is fine, but help us out a bit more before you go to town on your own moves. Plz.
Class 5
Friday, RIP again again, 8:00 A.M. with Erin
I walked in and the instructor noticed I was there again. When I was grabbing my weights, she asked for my name and told me she was glad I kept coming back. Little things like that mean a lot to me, so I like that she said that.
Today Erin pushed us to use our heavy weights most of the time. The arm routines were so hard for me because I have chicken legs and arms, but I pushed it because she was good at encouraging us. I already feel like I'm getting stronger, and I'm excited to see where three months of this will take me.
We did do the same HIIT cardio moves yet again, which I was a bit dissatisfied with. But I decided to do all tuck jumps instead of giving in and doing the squat modification, which is when I realized I'll need to challenge myself in my own ways if I don't want to get bored with this portion.
Also, the squats/lounges she has us do are killer. Cut my legs off and tell my mom I love her, please.

- The instructor. I'm a fan. Real good human.
- The encouragement I hear on the mic actually works for me. That's hard to find with the other instructor.
- I feel SO good right now. I keep telling Dallon how good I feel, and he keeps telling me that's what working out does, and I realize all my time at Gold's didn't make me feel this way.. so what the freak was I doing that whole time?
-That blasted HIIT routine. Squat burpees, 1-2-3-leg lift thing I forgot the name of, criss-cross tuck jumps, and wacky jacks. I could definitely forgo the wacky jacks as I feel they don't benefit me or get me going as hard as the other moves do, but that's ok.
I could see myself continuing to go to RIP in between my quest to find a workout that works for me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I won't post more about RIP unless something changes, or if I go to a different RIP class. But Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - that's my jam.
One thing I'm dreading is going to a spin class.
But I'll take one for the team, guys.
I reserved my spot in one next Tuesday, so stay tuned.
Tomorrow I've got a flag football game followed by water polo practice, so pray that I don't die, please.
K see ya.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A New Quest of Sorts: Class 1 & 2

If you know me, you know I enjoy a good work out.
I loved playing water polo every day in high school,
and when I came to college I was a bit lost on what to do on land to get the same effect.
By a bit, I mean totally. Entirely lost.
I joined a gym but did dumb "I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing" workouts for a few years.
Only about a year ago did I start getting more into it all.
If you saw my last post, I mentioned how unmotivated I was to work out by myself.
Cardio Cinema is cool and all, but I don't really know what to do with all of these weights. I felt like I was doing the same work out over and over.
And that, my friends, is not fun.
Again, if you saw my last post, I mentioned that I got a pass to the Provo Rec Center.
I put a lotta thought into that investment, and tried to research if the fitness classes were worth it - but there's not a ton out there review-wise regarding the place.
Which kind of frustrated me.
Which is why I'm gonta do my own reviews on the place, more specifically, the fitness classes I try.
So I've decided to start this quest in which I try all (or most) of the classes, and tell you the pros and cons and most importantly, if it was worth it.
I've already gone to two, so let's do this thang.
Monday, 8:00 A.M., RIP.
Instructor: Erin
I'm not even sure what RIP stands for, but I had an inkling it meant death was near if you take the class. My guess was semi-correct. You start the class arranging all the necessary gear - some step stool thing I was always too scared to use at the gym, 3 pairs of dumbbells (heavy, medium, and light), and a yoga mat. All the other girls and one guy had water bottles and that was smart so I suppose that should be listed as necessary equipment as well.
The class began with I don't even know right now it's mostly a blur of sweat, HIIT cardio stints, lunging and lifting. My body hurt all over throughout the class, and just when I thought "This won't be unbearable after all" I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit. Every where. Pretty cool huh.
Mostly I think it had to do with the fact that I didn't have water, or perhaps the fact that we were doing weird squat burpee things or tuck jumps, and the instructor came right by me for part of it and I felt scared and my inclination to vomit doubled mid-air.
Either way, I finished the 48 minute class and felt way good afterward in that wow-I-worked-hard-I-could-eat-a-donut-and-not-even-feel-bad-about-it kind of a way.
Also, my face was bright red as it always is when I work out, so that's good.
  • The instructor knows what she's doing. She corrects form without singling you out, she just makes sure you know how to do it correctly and/or that you're trying.
  • Water breaks toward the end of class. Hallelujah.
  • You will sweat, and it's not purely from cardio, which feels good. You're lifting, and you can feel it.
  • It's a lot of exercises I never thought to do, or I was too afraid to do alone. Real wuss-y of me, but hey. Lifting is something I'm not comfortable with, so having an instructor tell me to do something and have a ton of other people doing it with me helps.
  • The whole class is working hard. If someone can't do a move, there is a modification to it, and almost nobody is standing still.

  • I only got two pairs of dumbbells because there were so many humans - and I'm one of the ones that got there early. Go for the weights first, then set up your little station.
  • No water = death. Bring a water bottle. Or two.
  • I didn't really talk to the instructor before like I had planned to, to make myself feel a bit more comfortable. I don't know if it would have made a difference, but I wish she was available so that I could calm my nerves a bit.
  • Too many humans. There's a way to reserve the class beforehand through an app, which I did, but I'm not sure they check that because there were SO. MANY. HUMANS.
I'm going again. I cannot tell you how sore I am today. I have not been this sore in probably six years. The combo of lounges, lifts, and cardio HIIT left me sweaty and sore, and I look forward to the next class and what the next aspect of it will be.
Class 2
Tuesday, 10:00 A.M., Pilates
Instructor: Amy
I remember seeing in a tabloid once a picture of Miley Cyrus seemingly walking out of a Pilates class. Who knows if that's really what class she was returning from, but that's the only thing that ever comes to mind when I think of Pilates. That and weird torture-device-lookin' table thingies that I think are used in some Pilates classes. So I decided to put my naivety to rest and just take a dang class for myself.
I walk in. No torture device thingies. I am right on time, which means there are already 12 girls ready with their mats, weird ball things, and light dumbbells. Just one pair. I went to grab my equipment and the lady before me grabbed pink dumbbells, so I did the same. Bad idea. They were one pound dumbbells, in which I thought to myself, they make these things?
Class started with a two minute warm up. Literally, two minutes. Which is fine, but in those two minutes I realized
A. these dumbbells smell disgusting, and
B. these dumbbells are way too light. Even going up one pound would be better.
I understand in Pilates using light weights is key, but do not grab the one pound dumbbells.
The class went on with pulsing, repeated movements and simple stretching in between. The instructor asked us how we were doing, as in, "How was your day" around six times in which I wanted to launch my one pound weight into the mirror and scream
but I refrained.
I think part of the point of this workout was muscle exhaustion, and I got that in my legs but not really in my arms which I was hoping for. But that's ok.
  • I liked the fact that I was feeling the burn through repetition instead of lifting extremely heavy weights. It's like I didn't have to work too hard to gain similar results.
  • The instructor kept saying she taught at a studio too, which gave her some form of credibility in my mind.
  • I don't know if you're supposed to do this, but I kind of competed against other people in the class. Ok, probably definitely not supposed to do that, but I did and it gave me a better work out. I still focused on my movements, but when I got the form down I went to town with it.
  • If you've ever taken dance in your life, you'll appreciate the throwback movements. I embraced the fact that we were being told to be in first position or to point our toes. #throwbacktuesday maybe?

  • I brought my water bottle but didn't feel like I needed to use it, like I did during RIP.
  • The dumbbells. Don't be afraid to switch the weight during class if it's not workin' for ya, like I was too scared to do. Also, the dumbbells because they smell so sweaty and gross. Bring a wipe or somethin'.
  • I wasn't as much of a fan of the instructor as the RIP class instructor. I don't know. She didn't seem to go along with the mood of the class.
  • I didn't feel as if I got as much of a workout as the other class, either, but that's to be expected. But still, I ran a mile afterward on the treadmill to feel like I got a bit of cardio in.
I could see myself returning to the class if I got a hardcore muscle beatdown the day before, but it's not one I'd pick daily because I don't think it'll give me the results I want. Perhaps once a week would be a good balance, but I'll probably find another class I'll want to replace this one with.
Until next time, friends. Perhaps I'll add a picture so we can gauge my level-of-redness after each one, because I know you'll die of laughter.
K see ya.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Seeking Bear

Thoughts as of late:
Marriage is awesome, and sometimes I just feel real glad I don't have to do any of those weird first dates anymore. I look around campus at all these weird flirtations goin' on, and I'm just real glad that's not gonna happen to me anymore. Unless the guy is a sleezebag and ignores my ring in which I'll give him a solid hi-ya to ze face.
I feel so tired and burnt out in school. I'm ready to be done. I'm convinced I can go out there right now and get the same job I would if I had a degree, but I'm so close to being done I better just finish regardless. But it's tough. I feel like I'm not being graded fairly in the classes I'm working the hardest in, and I wish a few of the professors had more solid guidelines so I knew exactly what I'm being graded on.
Dallon has a strange bear statue sitting on his dresser that he calls "Seeking Bear." I don't ask questions. I just embrace all that is Dallon, and it's awesome.
I take naps more than ever and I'm kinda worried about that, but my body needs its rest and my lymph nodes are kinda swollen so I probably should get that checked out.
I invested in a Provo Rec Center 3 month membership because I was having a real hard time feeling motivated to do anything by myself at Gold's. I thought fitness classes were the solution, and I think I was right... I went to my first class this morning and felt like vomiting 2/3 through, so yeah.. success in the hard work department.
Perhaps part of that need-to-vomit feeling was because I ate absolute crap this weekend, but that's all right.. it happens to ze best of us.
Oh yeah, that 3 month membership is a couples' membership.. HOLLA
My old PR professor just passed me and I held my breath because he is the most intimidating human on the planet.
I missed back-and-forth emailing with my brudder because I was asleep. He's on my mind all the time. I hope he's safe.
I'm just real frustrated with school.
I still need to buy my Humanities textbook.
Water polo is forever my first love. We finally gained club-worthiness according to BYU, so we're now the BYU Club Water Polo team. HOLLA
I want to go to Texas for Christmas. Hi mahm.
We went to our new ward on Sunday, and when we were exiting the chapel into the hallway, Dallon tooted (we don't say fart around these parts, ok). A few seconds later the Bishop came up to meet us and all of a sudden it smelt HORRIBLE. Dallon and I were dying of laughter but the Bishop acted as if there was no smell, which made us laugh harder.
This is my life now.
I keep daydreaming that my ankles break in horrible ways. I'm convinced this is a foreshadowing of my broken ankle fate of the future.
Which will probably happen at my flag football game on Saturday. Stay tuned.
K see ya.