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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

While You Were Away. 1/15

Hi buddo,

I skipped the second month of this November Resolution already... so perhaps you can tell life has been a little busy around the home front. Sorry for no December playlist.

School started, Christmas happened, yim birdai happened, I was able to Skype with you for a bit  on Christmas Eve but didn't ask too many questions for reasons you remember. Love you, brother.

Although still busy, yesterday was MLK Jr. Day and there was no school, so I thought I'd get down to my roots and search for new music again. I love it. Thanks for reminding me to do what I love in simple ways.

Anyway, my lips are chapped and I can't stop picking them because I'm a weird soul, I keep eating a lot of bread because I like bread, and I choose to use the oxford comma here because I can't at work.
(Editing at The Universe takes its toll on your desire to write, so perhaps I'll use as many commas as I can. Joking. Hi Steve Director of the Newsroom Guy.)

But I'm so happy. Family does that to ya.

And you've also inspired me to write more since you said you'd be reading my blog when you get home. Can't disappoint my brudderlady.

Love you. Here's some good stuff.

Mesita - Pheonix Album
Heard You're Happy reminds me of How to Live by Bears in the same kind of "look what I'm doing without you I don't care about you but I totally do" kind of a way. Which is not applicable to me these days (ya marriage ya lyfe) but is a good one nonetheless.

Matching Lovers seems to also be a testament to this. I think Mesita is having a tough time with yim luv lyfe.

But those times make for good tunes, so he's workin' it.

Good for him.

But my favorite from this album is actually titled, "An Old Throw-away From 2011."
Simple, old-school, beautiful Mesita we grew to love simultaneously for similar reasons. The lyrics are relatable but personal.
I think you'll like it too.

Woodkid - Ghost Lights
Yeah. I'm not sure I need to convince you to press play on this one after Iron.
Patience & Prudence -Tonight You Belong To Me
Dallon and I danced to a cover of this as our first dance in Clovis... before we broke out and danced to Poison kind of like Turk in that one episode of Scrubs seen here:
But really, we love this song and I think that old school lovin' Morganzo will love it too. Perhaps after you see American Horror Story, too. We'll talk about dat later.
Kaya Curtis - Grand Central Station Was Blue
I don't like girl singers usually, but I like this song a lot. It has hints of Lana Del Ray without being overly annoying Lana Del Ray-ish.
Can you tell I don't like Lana Del Ray.
Her other songs get real Lana Del Ray ish though so just stick to dis juan.
K see ya, brother.
Love you. Thanks for your kind words.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hindsight 20/20

I often have these weird situations in my life where a word will pop up in more than one place, in entirely different situations - and it will stick out to me.

When I start to notice that happening, I start to realize that maybe I have something to learn from it - at least something I should be thinking about.

The past few weeks, it's been more than just a word weighing on my mind. It's a phrase.

"Hindsight is 20/20."

I cannot even estimate the number of times I've heard that recently.. and each time I hear it, I believe it less and less.

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, I'll let our good ol' friends from Urban Dictionary enlighten ya:

"Phrase used to describe the fact that it is easy for one to be knowledgeable about an event after it has happened.

IE: An individual has a realization about the event that should have been obvious all along, yet they didn't catch on because they were acting in the heat of the moment."

AKA when someone realizes they've done something wrong in the past, they would have changed it so that it would not have happened.

Mistakes are easy to spot, often because of the regret or sadness they bring about. Sometimes you can tell in the moment when a mistake is being made. Hindsight isn't necessary for those kinds of things. And there are obvious things people would change after looking back... murder, etc.(sorry too much Law & Order forgive me).

The place I get stuck in when thinking about the concept of hindsight being 20/20 are those grey areas.

I guess I've grown to have a soft spot for some mistakes simply because I've learned monumental things climbing out of the holes I dug for myself.
Lessons I don't think I could've learned without those mistakes, without those people, without sincere regret or sympathy or whatever I felt.

I guess without sincerity, period.. lessons that stick aren't learned.
That may just be the way that I am.

On top of that, I think the emotions surrounding every mistake I've made have brought about a much deeper appreciation for life. I don't look back and imagine what I could've done instead, because I'm grateful I learned lessons and felt things the way I was allotted.

It makes me want to scream that life is beautiful because life is not easy and we're given all of these intricate feelings that have the ability to intertwine with others' or go it alone and explode or shrink to a small beat reverberating every now and then and we're all learning what the heck to do with them!

So when I look back and realize I could have made the perfect choice because I understand how things turned out, I would not change a thing. I wasn't perfect then, and I'm certainly not perfect now, but I'll take those mistakes and learn from them in the future. If I never experienced them, what's there to learn from that will really stick?

It doesn't mean I didn't feel sorrow for the things I had chosen at the time.

It just means I value my imperfections and my role as a human. I recognize that imperfection is necessary for me to learn the things I need to.
To be better. And for me and my beliefs, to become perfect eventually like Christ - through Christ - through his Atonement he wants me to use to repent and grow.
For the little mistakes or the big ones.

Mistakes have to happen if you ever want to grow. Please, don't be so hard on yourself. It's how we become better.

I feel a lot of love right now.

K see ya.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

High Water Solution - Keds Double Up Hi Tops

Eternal tall girl problem/ problem of girls who hate buying new clothes?
High waters.
My husband doesn't think that's a term anymore, but I know it well..
When I was little, I would wait for the day when my mom would tell my older sisters,
"Those are high waters on you. Give 'em to Bret."
New jeans fo' free.
But some weird growth spurt happened my sophomore year of high school and all of a sudden, I was the tallest, youngest Mortimer girl.
Hand-me-downs, no more. A real sad day, especially when you go from 5' and a half to 5'9"
(True Life: I'm a Giant All Of a Sudden)
Anyway, these days I've been trying to hide the fact that all of my jeans are high waters by either wearing boots or rolling them up into capris, which I'm not too big of a fan of when I love wearing sneakers.

I've partnered with Keds as a brand ambassador, and they were nice enough to send all of the ambassadors a gift card to buy a pair of Keds and a little something extra for a fashion haul.
When I searched their site and saw that they had HI TOPS - fresh, clean, high tops - I put 'em in my cart right away.
And I am so pleased.
Seriously, to make a casual outfit even cuter or a fancier outfit a bit more playful, these bad boys have got your back.
Another plus - sometimes I feel like I can't wear socks with most of my shoes because no-show or not, you can see 'em, and I'm not the biggest fan of that. With these, you can wear socks.
I'd suggest wearing longer socks because I got quite the blister when I didn't from the top of the shoe rubbing against my skin. #myownfault
Thanks Keds!
Props to my husband for killin' it in the gift department.. I was going to use the rest of my gift card toward a new black coat, as the one I have now is from my freshmen year of high school and splits a bit in the shoulders each time I put it on. Got me this all by his lonesome - and I love it.
Thanks boobop.
K see ya.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Our reception in Utah was held the night of our wedding at our friend Rex's house. It's a beautiful place, although we didn't think it'd fill up so quickly.. but we're grateful it did.
We danced, hugged hundreds of humans and loved everything about it.
Toward the end, I asked if everyone would dance to "We Tigers" by Animal Collective so I could send it to Morganzo Bean on his mission.
It's the song we've sung many summer nights in Clovis, and I wanted him to know I missed him and wanted to honor him a bit. He was very, very happy to see it.
Here are a few pictures from our reception, taken by Danielle Woodall.
Yes, all we had for food was mashed potatoes and cookies. As it should be.